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M2.1 Amplifier

Sold as a set of Two Units (one pair)

Model M2.1 is the most powerful amplifier in the line of LAMM hybrid and solid-state audio equipment. It is one of the best creations of its designer’s professional career — a result of years of intensive research directed at attaining the most accurate reproduction of recorded music. Unique topology and application of the most advanced technological resources and processes bring the M2.1 near the threshold of excellence in sound reproduction. A distinctive feature of the M2.1 is its presentation of the extraordinary transparency of perceived sound which, in turn, assures the recreation of a three-dimensional soundstage in the home, recording studio, etc. without boundaries and limitations.

The M2.1 is a masterful blend of design and engineering simplicity. It had been developed simultaneously with top of the line power amplifier model M1.1, with a goal of satisfying the cravings of “power-hungry” audiophiles. It is a pure class A amplifier (with the exception of an A/AB output stage) featuring high-speed MOS-FET transistors in the output stage with no overall feedback and the special switch-selectable bias/voltage settings for 8- or 4-Ohm operation. The switch-selectable biasing circuit maintains an optimal idle current of the output stage for all load conditions between 1-16 Ohms. The M2.1 is a hybrid design with one specially selected 6922 vacuum triode in the second stage.

The M1.1 is conservatively rated to deliver 200 Watts into 8 and 4 Ohms, 400 Watts into 2 Ohms, and 600 Watts into 1 Ohm, continuous. The M2.1 is capable of driving impedances below 1 Ohm; the harmonic structure remains intact regardless of the speaker load, while the extreme clarity is maintained at all power levels. While most class AB amplifiers have the idle current ranging from a few tens to a few hundred milliamps, the M2.1’s idle current is 1.4 amps at 8 Ohms and 2 amps at 4 Ohms and below.

Each amplifier is carefully hand-crafted with matched components of the highest quality, some of which include military graded low noise DALE metal film resistors; PRC wire wound resistors; ELECTROCUBE and ROEDERSTEIN film capacitors; high frequency switching grade CORNELL DUBILIER electrolytic capacitors; BOURNS multiturn potentiometers; military graded low noise long life vacuum tubes; highest quality heavy duty gold-plated binding posts and RCA jacks from ESOTERIC AUDIO; and gold-plated NEUTRIC XLR connectors. Special attention was given to designing the toroidal power transformer, which has no mechanical contact with either the transformer cover or the chassiis, and is suspended in a special encapsulant which almost completely absorbs even the residual mechanical vibrations. This plays a significant role in assuring the absolutely unique clarity and microresolution during sound reproduction.

The M2.1 works on all world AC line voltages without elaborate modification.

U.S. Patent No. D368,261; U.S. Patent No. 5,470,795; other patents pending.

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