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LP2.1 Phono Preamplifier

Dual Monaural Pure Tube Phono Preamplifier

Sold as One Unit

A Topology Dedicated to the Essence of Natural Sound

Graceful and sophisticated design elements are immediately visible with the LP2.1—a dual-mono, vacuum tube phono preamplifier with two electrically and mechanically separated channels that brings out the most natural of sound performances in the audio pathway.

Front of LP2.1 Phono Preamplifier

LP2.1 Regular & Deluxe: Phono Tube Preamplifier

Design Elements

Model LP2.1 is the next generation of the original LP2 — the first in the line of LAMM phono preamplifiers.

The LP2.1 features the following upgrades and modifications in comparison to the LP2:

  • Introduction of many technical solutions that had been implemented in the LP1 Signature (just like the ML2.2 single-ended power amplifier derived many of its technical solutions from the ML3 Signature power amplifier)
  • Introduction of the new tubes: 6C3P and 6C45P-E (same tubes that used in the LP1 Signature phono preamplifier), and corresponding adjustments in the circuitry
  • Significantly reduced output impedance
  • New parts developed by various manufacturers since the introduction of the LP2
  • New PC-board material
  • Super low noise power transformer

The preamplifier operates in a pure class A mode from input to output. High-current drive capability, in combination with unique single-ended class A circuitry, enable the preamplifier to drive any cable and reasonable real-world load, while maintaining its practically inaudible sonic signature. When connected LAMM amplifiers and preamplifiers (or equivalent models), it offers an extraordinary transparency of perceived sound and recreates a three dimensional soundstage within the home.

Back of LP2.1 Phono Preamplifier


All amplification stages utilize high transconductance very low-noise, high-current vacuum triodes. No loop feedback is employed.  

The LP2.1 features a very accurate passive RIAA EQ network.  The preamplifier’s audibly neutral power supply features a full-wave vacuum rectifier which, with a choke-containing filter, helps reduce the hum and buzz to almost negligible levels and ensures a variety of dynamic range without coloration. A solid-state analog voltage regulator is used as a heater supply. Other features include two sets of inputs for each channel and gain/selector switches for MM and MC cartridges. 

A distinctive electronic protection circuitry mutes the outputs until the LP2.1 has stabilized once switched on; it also automatically mutes the preamplifier both in case the AC line voltage drops or is interrupted and when the unit is switched off.   


Each preamplifier is carefully handcrafted with the finest materials, including military-grade  low noise Dale metal film resistors; 1% tolerance RCD wire-wound resistors; Electrocube and Vishay/Roederstein film capacitors; high frequency switching grade Cornell Dubilier  electrolytic capacitors; Fischer “Camac” connectors; specially selected, military-grade,  low-noise, long-life vacuum tubes; and a custom-designed, super-low noise power transformer.   

The LP2.1 is especially effective for large systems with speakers of reference quality, making it possible to recreate the unique qualities of LPs. The LP2.1 is designed for use with a superior audio system and is capable of reproducing sound on par with recording studio quality or a live concert hall music event. It works well in recording studios as a reference preamplifier to control the recording process itself and the quality of LPs. 

The LP2.1 is available in two versions: standard and deluxe. In the deluxe version, the power supply stores more energy; all film capacitors in signal path are bypassed by polystyrene capacitors of the highest available quality; and a custom-designed massive damping panel significantly reduces all types of mechanical vibrations which leads to a slightly more extended, coherent, and natural bass reproduction.  

The LP2.1 works on all world AC line voltages. Download the LP2.1 booklet here.


Technical Specs

Highlighted Specifications

Measurements & Specifications

The following measurements of the LP2.1 were performed by the late Bascom H. King

Critic Reviews & Press


TAS EC 2015


Editors' Choice Award

The Absolute Sound!


Editors' Choice Award

The Absolute Sound!
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April 2016 - October 2017

Class A

Class A for phono preamplifiers in the Recommended Components section
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Editors' Choice Award

The Absolute Sound!

Service & Support

Complementary Equipment

Compatible Discontinued Products:

M1.1 or M2.1 or ML2 or ML2.1

Only one of the above products is required for a system

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