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Audio Shows


Moscow, Russia
Equipment in this set-up:

Lamm ML3 Signature power amp and Lamm L2 Reference preamp
Focal-JM Lab Viva Utopia speakers
Analog front-end: Garrard “501” turntable + Origin Live “Enterprice-C” tonearm + Dynavector cartridge + Tchernov Audiophonostage

Digital front-end: notebook + Tchernov Audio DAC
Tchernov Audio power conditioner
Tchernov Audio cabling


Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

I think we can all agree that these things are glorious looking pieces of audio art. Unfortunately, this table was in a ballroom shared with many other systems. I didn’t manage to catch it playing on any of six different visits — which I think may set a new low water mark for “room sound” at a show.

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