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Audio Shows


San Francisco, CA


Magazine’s Stand Out Rooms


My personal pick for best sound at the show goes to the LAMM, Purist Audio Design, Quintessence Acoustics room. Equipment used in the setup during my two stops to the room included the Quintessence Acoustics Studio speakers biamped with the LAMM ML1 (90 wpc pure triode monoblocks), and M1.1 (100 wpc pure class A, no feedback, hybrid monoblocks) amplifiers via a snake pit of Purist Audio Dominus cabling. Also used to complete the synergy created in Room 1141 was a Theta Data Basic II transport, and 5A Digital to Analog converter. Dave Duvall

I read Dave Duvall’s top picks and thought to myself, “Dave and I heard a lot of the same stuff!” Like Dave, I was really knocked out by the LAMM, Purist Audio Design, Quintessence Acoustics room as well. The LAMM gear is pricey, but extremely nice. In conjunction with Purist and Quintessence, the sound was rich, power, yet detailed and seductive. LAMM’s President, Vladimir Shushurin, sat quietly beside be during the entire demonstration and said hardly a work (other than when I asked him where LAMM was based and he replied slyly, “where everyone should come from – Brooklyn!”). He didn’t have to say much, the sound was fantastic.
Doug Schneider

Room 1141 – Lamm Industries ML1 90W tube amps and Lamm Audio M1.1 100W amps hold the carpet down nicely. No feedback at all in these hummers.” — (

Plenty of tube amps were showcased with the LAMM electronics performing with the best of the pack in their demo (and their sexy glowing Russian 6C33B Mig Fighter output tubes) with a set of Quintessence “Studio” loudspeakers. These brought to life by a pair of robust LAMM ML-1 power amps and other LAMM electronics. Terrific depth of field, dynamics and deep bass response jump out of my notes here from this first rate team of Soviet émigré designers. Chuck Bruce

Audio magazine (Russia), Sergei Taranov

From the purely “equipment” sound impressions I can note the sound of LAMM L1/LAMM ML1/LAMM ML2.

Audio magazine (Russia), Michael Kutcherenko

There were good systems at the Show. For instance, Quintessence Acoustic speakers paired with LAMM amplifiers designed by our former compatriot Vladimir Shushurin. If we use a 100-point scale to depict the dynamics quality, then this room would gather 60-70 points (taking into account the unpredictable acoustics of the exhibit rooms). Other rooms would not get even half of those points…