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Audio Shows


Frankfurt, Germany



The folks at Verity and Lamm produced simply splendid sound with the Parsifal Encore speakers and ML2 amplifiers. Cables were by Purist Audio Design. SoundStage! AVTour’2000.

Same people, different city! One of the first groups we ran into consisted of (from left to right): Jeffrey von Dam of O.L.S. Audio Technologies (Belgium), Elina Dobin of Lamm Industries (USA), Charles von Oosterum of O.L.S. (he is the president and chief designer), Trevor de Maat of TreMa Sound (USA), and Julian Pelchant of Verity Audio (Canada). At CES 2000, Lamm showed with Kharma loudspeakers (TreMa Sound is the US distributor and O.L.S. is the manufacturer of Kharma speakers). At this show, O.L.S. is not displaying (they were happily just spectators) and Lamm is teamed up with Verity Audio, who showed their Parsifal Encore loudspeaker with Lamm ML2 monoblocks. SoundStage! AVTour’2000

LAMM from New York has made great success internationally.  In hotel Kempinski, they played the ML2 amplifiers — single-ended design of 18W.  This design is very progressive utilizing the 6C33C tube in the output stage, and with a noteworthy circuit for the voltage regulation section (again based on tubes) — something that in the end allowed to have less coiling int he output transformer.  The result is a great S-E power amplifier with excellent frequency response.  Next to these amps were exposed on a static display, in “half-naked” condition, the hybrid power amplifiers M1.1s.  Of course, the exhibitors were clever enough to use the excellent DCS for a DAC, which plays the entire new digital format (192 KHz + SACD) and which showed off the great sound of LAMM.  (Greek magazine Extreme Audio Video issue No. 20, October’00, “AV Mission” column”)