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Audio Shows


Frankfurt, Germany


High Fidelity (Sweden)

Robert Jörgensen

Verity Parsifal är en kanadensisk högtalare som drevs med de imponerande LAMM förstärkarna och Wadia CD och Dac. Det gav något av det bästa ljudet på hela utställningen med hög definition över hela frekvensområdet från topp till botten. Högtalarna är försedda med utsökta element från ScanSpeak och Skaaning. [English translation: The Verity Parsifal is a Canadian speaker, which was powered by the impressive LAMM amplifiers and Wadia CD and DAC. Together they produced some of the best sounds at the exhibition with great definition over the whole frequency range from top to bottom. The speakers are equipped with outstanding drivers from ScanSpeak and Skaaning.]

Verity Parsifal högtalare, LAMM förstärkare och Wadia CD-avspelning gav nagot av det bästa ljudet pa utställningen. [English translation: Verity Parsifal speakers, LAMM amplifiers and Wadia front-end gave some of the best sounds at the show.]

The above excerpt is from No. 6 1999 issue of High Fidelity

La Nouvelle Revue du Son (France)

1999 has been a very good year for the Frankfort show. If the booth attendance has been high, the presence of foreign professionals has established the international reputation of this high end show. Now stabilized with the presentation of digital front-end is the strong comeback of turntables that we noticed over the last few years. The growth of home theater is much slower in Germany than in France and the DVD players are not as successful. But everything is on the move, including the new audio formats. The Germans are remaining strongly attached to high quality music reproduction, and this is proved by the large quantity of specialty manufacturers.

The Verity Audio “Parsifal” — these Canadian loudspeakers that the French audiophiles had a chance to discover during our “Week-End” in April — were demonstrated with the American Electronics LAMM, including these 100 watts hybrid mono-blocs M1.1 (1 x 6922 and 12 x MOS-FET transistors without global feedback).

The above excerpt is from
“La Nouvelle Revue du Son” No.232 Juillet/Aout 99 


Robert Jörgensen

…The Parsifals were played with a Wadia front-end and very nice Lamm monoblocks (I hear what Marc Mickelson has admired), and the room was treated with a set of Argent RoomLenses. Not only were there no obvious weaknesses, but the sound was such a pleasure that I could have stayed much longer. Oh what sacrifices we poor reporters make!