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Audio Shows


Las Vegas, NV
System one room 1912

LAMM M1.2 Reference and M2.2 power amplifiers.
LAMM L2 Reference preamplifier.             

Rest of system: Wilson Audio WATT Puppy 7 speakers, Weiss Medea D/A converter, CEC TL1-X transport, Cardas interconnects, loudspeaker cables and power cords, Acoustic Dreams racks and stands.

System two room 2403

LAMM M1.2 Reference power amplifiers.
LAMM L2 Reference preamplifier.
LAMM LP2 phono preamplifier.

Rest of system: Kharma CRM3.2E speakers, Kharma Ceramique subwoofer (world premier), Brinkmann LaGrange Turntable, Arcici racks, EMM Labs digital, Kharma interconnects, loudspeaker cables, and power cords.

System two room 2403

LAMM ML1.1 amplifiers.
LAMM L2 Reference preamplifier.

Rest of system: Peak Consult InCognito Grande speakers, Stereovox SEI-600 single-ended & BAL-600 balanced interconnect cables, Stereovox LSP-600 loudspeaker cables, Classé Omega SACD-1, Eighth Nerve “Response Controller” room tuning devices, Bright Star “IsoRock 3 Reference Platform”, Stillpoints isolation feet
Sanus rack and amp stands, Richard Gray’s Power Company substation.

Reviews, SHOWSTOPPERS Series 3

Lamm updated the well-known M1.1 mono amp. The new M1.2 Reference ($19,590 per pair) features a number of circuit enhancements along with 10% greater power. It is shown above with its top and bottom removed.

As the company did at last year’s CES, Lamm Industries used Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7 speakers ($22,400 per pair) to great musical effect. This system sounded sweet, detailed and inviting — a respite from walking around the Alexis Park. Electronics in use were Lamm’s new M1.2 Reference mono amps ($19,590 per pair) and L2 Reference preamp ($13,690). A Weiss Media DAC ($13,500) — a Doug Schneider favorite — and CEC TL1 transport ($5500) provided digital sound. We are starting to believe that this Lamm/Wilson pairing is magical.

We visited the Stereovox/Peak Consult room early on, enjoying the sound a great deal but thinking we’d surely hear other rooms that sounded as good or better. Not to be. The combination of the Peak Consult Grande speakers ($32,000 per pair) driven by Lamm ML1.1 amps ($22,690 per pair) and an L2 Reference preamp ($13,690), Classé Omega SACD-1 CD/SACD player, and Stereovox interconnects and speaker cables displayed rare synergy for a show system. We wish the room itself were bigger, but what we heard was still very involving.

Loudspeaker manufacturer Kharma’s CRM 3.2E ($21,000) was mated with the Lamm M1.2 Reference 110 watt “Class A” monoblock amplifier ($19,600 per pair).

Jeff Day

David didn’t bring the huge and cool Klangfilms with him this year – what awesome speakers they are – but he still had a great room with tons of goodies for Lammophiles. [click here for the exhibit room images]

The Absolute Sound, Amps and Preamps

Vladimir Lamm’s newest creations, the $19,590/pair M1.2 Reference amplifiers, are rated at 110 watts pure Class A into 4 or 8 ohms.  With a lot more (non-class-A) power into lower impedances, the new hybrid vacuum tube/solid-state M1.2s use a single specially selected 6922 vacuum triode, 12 high-speed MOS-FEET output transistors, and no overall feedback.                                         Scot Markwell

[The Absolute Sound, issue 147 April/May 2004, page 32]

On the topic of perennial favorites, though I have never been a great fan of the wildly popular Wilson Watt/Puppy loudspeakers, this year’s model 7 version, driven by Lamm Industries m1.2 monoblock amplifiers and L2 preamplifier and fed by Weiss Golden Ear Award-winning Medea DAC and a CEC belt-drive CD transport, was the best I’ve heard — at a show, a store, or in a home…                                 Jonathan Valin

[The Absolute Sound, issue 147 April/May 2004, page 44]

Per Kristoffersen’s Peak-Consult Empress ported 3-way speakers use a Scan-Speak tweeter and 4″ and 8″ midrange and bass drivers from Audiotechnology – sweet on the eyes and ears. I said I would concentrate on appearance only and not mention sound quality, but now I can’t resist – for me, this room was the star of the show. The sound was warm and dynamic yet effortless at the same time. Not too shabby looking, either. I’d like to get my hands on these speakers for review soon.

The Peak-Consult line now enjoys updated crossovers, with all internal wiring upgraded to the fabulous Stereovox wire of Chris Sommovigo who has become the North American distributor for the Peak-Consult range. If there were an award for best-looking wire, then Stereovox with their XHADOW connectors would most certainly be in the running.

The full lineup of equipment in this top-sounding room was:
Peak-Consult Empress loudspeakers in Beechwood [$22,495/pr]
Peak-Consult Grande loudspeakers in Rosewood [$31,995/pr]
LAMM ML1.1 monoblocks [$22,690/pr]
LAMM L2 Reference preamp [$13,690]
Classé Omega SACD-1 [$12,000]
Stereovox LSP-600 Loudspeaker Cable [3.0m: $8,150/pr]
Stereovox SEI-600 single-ended Interconnect [6.0m: $12,500/pr]
Stereovox BAL-600 balanced Interconnect [1.0m: $2,500/p])
Eighth Nerve “Response Controller” room tuning devices
Bright Star “IsoRock 3 Reference Platform”
Stillpoints isolation feet
Sanus rack and amp stands
Richard Gray’s Power Company Substation
Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee

And lemme tell ya, that coffee was damn good! 

It was very tough whittling down the list of contenders to just ten winners, and I must admit that there were many exhibits which I missed in my four days of wandering. I hope I have given you a flavor of what’s in store for product rollouts in 2004, and I want to offer my appreciation for all the designers who are clearly working very hard to square the circle and give you pleasure each time you caress the products of their imagination with your eyes and hands. Keep up the good work.

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