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Las Vegas, NV


SoundStage!, Show Stoppers

“The Lamm ML2 single-ended amplifier ($14,645 each) won an Innovations’ 99 award for design and engineering — the third such award that LAMM designer Vladimir Shushurin has received. Look for a SoundStage! review of the ML2s.” — Soundstage! (

SoundStage!, Stand Out Rooms

“Is it luck or skill that certain companies seem to have consistently great sound under the less-than-ideal conditions of a trade show? We suspect it’s a bit of both, but having great products is certainly no hindrance.

Products from LAMM and Kharma are not for the faint-of-pocketbook, but they will appeal to those in the pursuit of state-of-the-art musical reproduction. Vladimir Shushurin’s LAMM ML1 triode monoblocks ($19,980 per pair) drove a pair of the gorgeous Kharma Ceramique 1.0 speakers ($14,999 per pair). The LAMM L1 line-stage ($6990) and Metronome Technologie transport and DAC with separate power supply were also in use. All cabling was from Kharma (with conductors of a gold-and-silver blend; the cables’ large size makes them interesting in appearance), with Bybee supplying the AC line conditioning. Very attactive Silent Running amp stands were underneath the LAMM tube amps. 

Speed, extension, neutrality and stunning naturalness is what sets this collection of components apart.” — Soundstage! (1999 Show Report)

SoundStage!, Stand Out Rooms

Shun Mook Audio

“Normally the Standout Room tag is reserved for a single room and collection of components. However, two rooms used speakers in Shun Mook’s Bella Voce line, and the impressive sound in both cases justified a two-for-one Standout mention.

Shun Mook’s…room had Bella Voce Reference speakers ($11,000 per pair), LAMM ML2 18Wpc single-ended mono amplifiers, BAT VK-D5 CD player, Audio Research Reference 1 linestage, and Nordost and TMD cables. 

…The sound was exceptional — detailed, but as liquid as it gets. Marc Mickelson thought the highs were as natural as he’d heard anywhere. Although only 89dB efficient, …Bella Voce models worked very well with low-powered, single-ended amplifiers. In all, the Shun Mook speakers — and upstream electronics — produced very natural and uncompromisingly musical sound.” — Soundstage! (1999 Show Report)

Soundstage!, The Jimmy Awards

"Amplifier under $30,000: The LAMM ML2 rang one reporter’s chimes like Quasimodo swinging on Big Marie"

Strolling in the gorgeous weather inspired the artist in all of us, and many fine rooms gave voice to those feelings. We came across LAMM Industries, a manufacturer whose equipment seemingly attracts uniformly fine reviews. Just so, when listening to the wonderful ML1 monaural power amplifiers (US$19800.00). They sounded sweet and delicate playing the Reference Recordings’ CD of Mephisto via LAMM’s L1 preamplifier (US$6990.00) and Kharma’s Ceramique 1.0 loudspeaker (US$14,999.00). Cabling was also provided by Kharma.” — Audiophilia ( Jim Saxon

“LAMM’s LL2 is a line-level all-tube pre-amp to match this company’s brilliant, if overlooked tube amplifiers. Pure Class A throughout, its power supply features a full-wave tube rectifier. It provides three line inputs, one tape loop and two sets of outputs, muting on the front panel and extensive protection circuitry including auto-mute at switch on/off. Parts quality is uncompromised, with Dale metal film resistors, ALPS potentiometers, Roederstein and Electrocube film caps and the like. Tubes? Two 6DJ8s, two 12AU7s and that 6X4 rectifier. Tasty…” HI-FI NEWS & RECORD REVIEW, Ken Kessler (April, 1999)

“The handcrafted LAMM components were playing their tunes in two rooms. The hybrid M1.1s (about $16k/pair) and the tubed ML1s (just under $20K/pair) drove Kharma Ceramique 1s. Lamm’s ML2 single-ended triode (SET) amplifier (just under $29,000/pair) was swinging the current in the Shun Mook room on a Bella Voce…system. The Lamm ML2 received the CES’s Innovations’99 Award, chosen by their design and engineering committee as one of the most innovative products of the year.” Stereophile, Jonathan Scull (May, 1999)