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Audio Shows


Las Vegas, NV
Amplifiers: LAMM ML1. Preamplifier: LAMM L1. Speakers: Verity Audio.



CHESKY’S SECRET DIGITAL DEMO!: Locked away in a private suite was a demo designed to show what high-end audio-only DVD could sound like if the standard were to be set at 96kHz/24-bit. Although the Genex optical drive wasn’t a DVD player per se, the result was the same: vivid proof that more is, well, more. David Chesky used a DCS converter, LAMM tube pre-amp and ML1 single-ended power amps, Verity Parsifal speakers and some other products from the pro sector to play normal Chesky CDs, Sara K’s Hobo (JD155) and John Basile’s Desmond Blue (JD156) versus 96kHz/24-bit mastered versions. Anyone who couldn’t hear the difference deserves to have battery acid poured into his/her lugholes.

AVM Show Report WCES97 Audio

LAMM introduced its ML1 hybrid monoblocks having two 6C33C tubes per channel, giving 90 watts/channel in triode mode. Shushurin began working with the 6C33C tubes in 1973-74. Coming soon from LAMM is a single-ended (ML2) amp again using 6C33C tubes. The demo also included the LAMM L1 hybrid line stage.

John E. Johnson, Jr.

LAMM, of Brooklyn, New York, showed their M1.1 hybrid Pure Class A monoblocks (100 watts per channel into 8 Ohms). The input stage is tube, and the output stage is MOS-FET (solid state). This is not a new amplifier, but the sound was absolutely phenomenal, so I wanted to mention it.