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O U R  H I S T O R Y
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 2001                                    PICTURE GALLERY
  New York   

Hilton Hotel
New York, NY
May 11-13

LAMM equipment was used in the following set-up
in Room 4249:

LAMM L2 Reference preamplifier
LAMM ML2 18W single-ended amplifiers 
LAMM ML1 90W push-pull amplifiers
(amps were played interchangeably, with the ML2s playing most of the time)
JMLab Utopia speakers
dCS CD/SACD transport (prototype)
dCS Elgar D/A converter
dCS Purcell upsampler
Zoethecus v. 5/R rack
Zoethecus ampstands, 19x24 zblock 1
FIM gold series speaker cables, interconnects and power cords

(pre-show preparation and burn-in of the system)

(at the show)

(the rack with LAMM preamp and dCS front-end)