Digital Living, January 2005, issue 15, page 65

Vladimir Lamm: Theory and Practice

The fact that we've succeeded in talking Vladimir and elina Lamm couple is a great honor granted that the company
has taken national distinctions for all of their products as well as the fact that all audiophiles have accepted the products
 with enthusiasm and respect.

The secret behind the giant success of the company is the intensive research and development.  Mr. Lamm had invested
 more than twelve years in intensive research studying in depth the mechanism of the human hearing.  The result is that
 every one of his products is unique in its category.  What is very impressive about Lamm products is that the sound result
 is totally predictable from the onset of design process.  therefore, neither listening tests nor tweaking takes place at any
 point of production, and the company doesn't follow the "trial-and-error" method.

The most commercially successful product of Lamm's is their tube amplifier ML2 which had recently been replaced by
 the upgraded version ML2.1, and the second best selling product is their M1.1 amplifier which had recently been replaced
 with the M1.2 Reference.

As for the future, in 6-9 months the company will introduce the new model ML2 -- two 32W single-ended monoblocks with
separate power supplies.  A bit later the LP1 phono stage with a separate power supply will follow (it will support only MC cartridges).