Digital Living, January 2005, issue 15, page 62

Image caption: The sound produced by Sarastros from Verity Audio driven by Lamm's top model, ML2, made us quiver.

Lamm products in combination with the Canadian speakers from Verity Audio created a sensation in the MF Audio's room once more.
Verity Audio's Sarastros were used with Lamm's two single-ended amplifiers model ML2 and preamplifier L2 Reference, along with
the LP2 deluxe phono stage.  For the sources, MF Audio may be the only company that used a high quality tuner, the triode 106T
from Magnum Dynalab.  Mark Levinson' 390s CD player was the digital source; the turntable used was Thorens 521 with
SME 3012R tonearm and the rare cartridge Ortofon SPU Silver meister.

The company had two rooms at the show, but only one of them was used for system playback. 
The other room  was where the visitors had a chance to see some of Lamm products on display and admire their perfect design.