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CES'2013 Show Reports

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Marc Mickelson


Lamm Verity


The changes to Verity Audio's Lohengrin IIS speakers ($100,000 per pair) are both internal and external. Inside, the speakers have a completely redesigned crossover, this becoming necessary because of the external change. If you look closely, you'll see that the speakers now rest on short platforms. Citing that the energy transferred to the floor from a large speaker like the Lohengrin, Verity Audio designed a platform that makes this energy more consistent from surface to surface. It acts as both a resonator for the bass cabinet and an acoustic isolator for the entire speaker.

Julien Pelchat and Bruno Bouchard of Verity Audio told us that they also studied available drivers in search of new ones that fit their design criteria better, but they found that the ones already used in the Lohengrin II were still the best. Earlier versions of the speakers can be upgraded, something a change in drivers most likely would have prevented.

What about the sound of the Lohengrin IIS? Driven by two pairs of Lamm ML2.2 monoblocks, there was liquidity, authority, coherence, and fine detail all in equal measure. The Lohengrin IIS and ML2.2 seems to be one of those hand-in-glove combinations.