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Model LP2 is the first in the line of LAMM phono preamplifiers.  It is a high-quality dual monaural pure vacuum tube preamplifier.  Unique topology and application of the most advanced technological resources and processes bring the LP2 to the threshold of excellence in sound reproduction.  Despite the fact that nowadays most of the recordings are done in a digital format, serious audiophiles and many professional recording engineers still prefer to use LPs to capture, reproduce and experience the atmosphere of the original performance.  The LP2 is especially effective in large systems with speakers of reference quality that make it possible to recreate the unique qualities of LPs.  The LP2 is designed to be used as part of the truly hi-end audio system and is capable of reproducing the recorded or live musical event with reality approaching that of a concert hall.  It is also designed for use in the recording studios as a reference preamplifier for the purpose of controlling the recording process itself and the quality of LPs.


1The LP2 features a topology that brings out the most natural sound performance in the audio path, as well as graceful and sophisticated design.   The most advanced technical solutions have been employed in the design of the LP2.  The preamplifier utilizes single-ended pure class A high current topology, with no loop feedback (a very accurate passive RIAA EQ network is used).  Its unique circuitry utilizes specially selected very low noise high trans-conductance Western Electric 417A / 5842 vacuum tubes.  Two separate inputs for MM and MC cartridges, together with the corresponding selector/gain switches, allow to employ various types of cartridges without the tiresome switching of cables.  Audibly neutral power supply features a full-wave VACUUM rectifier with a choke-containing filter (two chokes are employed), and one solid-state low-voltage analogue non-switching regulator used as the heater supply.  1High-current drive capability, in combination with unique single-ended class A circuitry, enable the preamplifier to drive any cable and any reasonable real world load, while maintaining its practically inaudible sonic signature.  A unique electronic protection circuitry mutes the outputs until the LP2 has stabilized after a turn-on; it also automatically mutes the preamplifier in case the AC line voltage drops or is interrupted, as well as at the turn-off of the unit.   

Each preamplifier is carefully hand-crafted with the finest grade materials and matched components of the highest quality, some of which include military graded pc-board materials; military graded low noise DALE metal film resistors; 1% tolerance PRC wirewound resistors; ELECTROCUBE and ROEDERSTEIN film capacitors; high frequency switching grade CORNELL DUBILIER electrolytic capacitors; specially selected long life vacuum tubes; HAMMOND chokes; FISCHER 'Camac' connectors; JENSEN step-up moving coil transformers.  The LP2 features a custom-designed super-low noise power transformer.  AC voltage is intensively filtered by special RFI power line filter.  



The LP2 is available in two versions: 
standard and deluxe.  In the deluxe version, the power supply stores more energy, all 
film capacitors in signal path are bypassed by polystyrene capacitors of the highest available quality, and a custom-designed massive damping panel significantly reduces all  types of mechanical vibrations which, in turn, leads to a more extended,1 coherent and natural bass reproduction.  



The LP2 works on all world AC line voltages.




Here is what the prominent audio critics have said about the LP2

...Let me make this perfectly clear: the LP2 exceeds the standards set by its competitors, regardless of price or prestige. It is a unique product that blends together some of the traditional solid-state strengths of solid stage designs such as bass power and low-noise, with the glorious harmonic textures and dynamic conviction of tubes. The Lamm Industries LP2 makes a statement...

Dick Olsher, (September, 2002)

..."Very low noise floor", "tremendous bass weight and definition," "magnificent midrange," and "nicely extended treble"; has the ability "to define the physical layout of performers in the recording space" as well as "deliver realistic dynamic contrasts at both the micro and macro levels"; "the level of transparency…was second to none".  "Has the ability "to define the physical layout of performers in the recording space" as well as "deliver realistic dynamic contrasts at both the micro and macro levels"; "the level of transparency…was second to none."

Although a relative latecomer to the analog party, the Lamm Industries LP2 offers truly extraordinary performance... With its benchmark-setting noise floor, explosive dynamics, see-through transparency, and superb extension at the frequency extremes, the LP2 should be on the proverbial short-list of anyone who’s looking for a phono stage at or well above its price range.  

 Andrew Chasin, (February, 2003)

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